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  • No computer required

    your fans can use their phone right at your point-of-sale
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  • Designed to be used from a mobile device

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Want more Facebook “Likes” from your loyal customers?

OK, so you have a Facebook page for your business. Congratulations! It’s a good step towards engaging with your customers . If they “Like” your page they will be kept in contact with your offerings, and thus come back and buy more and so increase the profitability of your business. That’s the plan!!!


However… You will have noticed how difficult it is to gain those precious “Likes.” You have “Like us on Facebook” on your advertising and probably signs instore, but you know even those who are enthusiastic are unlikely to “get around to” performing the desired action once they go home to their computer.

But wait! Most of them have smartphones, and they are “on Facebook” all the time with their phones, aren’t they? Oh yes, but how about typing those insanely long Facebook addresses into that little screen. 🙁

No wonder the reality falls short of the promise!

Not any more! I will show you how you can build a community of rabid fans quickly and easily.

showing QR codeImagine this: You own a restaurant. Your waiter approaches a table toward the finish of their meal and asks them how they enjoyed their meal. You have a good restaurant, so of course they really liked it. Your waiter then says “Are you on Facebook?” When they answer “Yes” (and they usually do!) she takes a small card from her apron pocket – or indicates an on-table display – and says, “Great! Glad you liked it. Tell you what – Scan this, “Like” our Facebook page, and coffee is on us!

As easy as that. How many do you think will “Like” your Facebook page – right there on the spot!?! What difference to your bottom line will it make when you now get dozens of new “Likes” every day?

If you’re not a restauranteur, imagine something similar at point-of-sale. You don’t have to give anything away – people are usually delighted to give back when they get great service.

Put a QR code near your cash register and suggest they might want to scan that and Like your Facebook page while you are wrapping their purchases or processing their payment. And an accountant, solicitor, doctor or other professional might display it at their front desk.

Any business can use this to skyrocket their online reputation and keep their customers close. It’s a connected world. You know for yourself you need to connect regularly with your customers to keep your business top-of-mind. Facebook is an excellent tool for that, when you make it easy for your customers to connect in the first place.

ToLike.Us” is a special way for your fans to easily “Like” your Facebook page.

Now let’s get down to brass tacks…

Sample ToLIke.Us page

This is what it looks like…

Your ToLike.Us does not have to be linked from your website, in fact you don’t even need a website.

It has your logo at the top.

That “Like” button in the middle is specially coded for your Facebook page.

Like Us - TullyBackpackerAccommodation

No typing required… your ToLike.Us is loaded on your customers’ phone via a QR code we supply, like this (try it: scan or click this one now)

We keep it simple so it does the one job it’s designed to do – gain you an avalanche of Facebook “Likes”

Optionally we can include a link to your Facebook page, and link the logo to your regular site. Even better if it’s a mobile-optimised site.

1-2 done

1. Customer scans your Code – | – 2. ToLike.Us is automatic – | – 3. One tap, you’re Liked !

Wow! You want it, right? Yesterday! Thought so. 🙂

So I put together this promotional package for you…

ToLike.Us promo package. What you get…


  • ToLike.Us page with your Logo and button for your fans to “Like” your Facebook page. It’s mobile-friendly!
  • Links to your Facebook page and/or website.
  • QR Code image files at three different sizes: 200, 400, 1000 pixels. Suitable for printing, or display on your phone so others can scan.
  • QR Codes scan best in Black & White, but you can have any dark colour.
  • Laminated A4 Poster

    Laminated A4 Poster *

    A PDF file with your logo and QR code and simple instructions to your fans. Print this at A4 and display at point-of-sale. You can print it smaller and slip into any suitable table-top display (e.g. acrylic menu stand, we can supply them)

  • One A4 laminated version of the above.*
  • 6 Laminated cards with your QR code as seen in the photos above. Carry one in your wallet or purse to be ready to gain “Likes” at every opportunity. *
    QR Scan Card

    6 Laminated QR ScanCards *

    Have your staff wear them on a lanyard or in their pocket.

  • Educational ebooklet “Mobile & Reputation Management – What are they Saying about You?
  • One full year’s hosting of your “ToLike.Us” page.
  • Fast! Order before midnight and the online part is ready and working before midnight of the next business day.

* Posted from our North Queensland office within 3 business days. Delivery depends on your location.

Investment: AUD197.00 & 2 referrals. Bet you thought it’d be more! :)

$197 works out at less than $4/week. But to get ToLike.Us for only $197 – which is $100 off the normal investment – you need to also tell me about 2 other businesses that you think will benefit from ToLike.Us. As soon as 100 of you order during the promotion period, it goes back to the regular $297. (and then, at less than $6/week it’s still an amazing deal) This promotion has been going a few days already – can you take the risk that it will still be here tomorrow? More to the point, you really want an avalanche of “Likes” starting tomorrow.*

* Order Monday to Thursday, and by tomorrow night you will be using your ToLike.Us page to be getting Likes!

So there you have it people! Think about it: As fans who love your business, these “Likers” are responsive. They come back and back! How many of those do you need to make $197 in a year? One? Two? The rest of your avalanche of Likes are pouring money into your pocket.

Don’t be shy about picking up the phone if you need more information about any of this. 1300 76 22 25 comes directly to me Mon-Thurs 8am to 6pm. I think I made it all pretty clear, but I am happy to talk over other linked strategies that will put your Facebook marketing on steroids.

Mr Fair Go

p.s. If you’re reading this at night, get it in before midnight and if tomorrow is a business day your ToLike.Us page will be ready before midnight tomorrow.

p.p.s OK, you can stop reading now and fill in the form below. 🙂 Let’s get you started with ToLike.Us

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  • "By clicking below I am ordering a digital page to be created which will assist with obtaining Facebook "Likes" for my Facebook page entered above. I understand that the effectiveness of this tool is dependent on promotion of that digital page, and that this is my responsibility under this package. In other words, if I don't promote it, no Likes will be forthcoming."


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