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ToLike.Us Promo Package


  1. ToLike.Us page with your Logo and button for your fans to “Like” your Facebook page.
  2. QR Code image files at three different sizes: 200, 400, 1000 pixels.
  3. PDF file with your logo and QR code and simple instructions to your fans.
  4. Laminated A4 Poster of the above, for point-of-sale display
  5. 6 Laminated ScanCards with your QR code
  6. Educational ebooklet “Mobile & Reputation Management – What are they Saying about You?
  7. One full year’s hosting of your “ToLike.Us” page.
  • [ Digital items available by midnight of the next business day from receipt of payment.  Physical items (4 & 5) posted from our North Queensland office within 3 business days. Delivery depends on your location. ]

ToLike.Us - Promotional Package Order


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Payment Details

  • AUD 197 including GST is the full price of this package during the promotional period. A Tax Invoice will be supplied with digital delivery. We will have the digital portions of your package ready by midnight of the next business day, and the physical parts will be posted from our North Queensland office within 3 business days. (So orders received and paid before midnight AEST Friday are due for digital delivery before Midnight Monday) Detailed payment instructions will be available on the next page.
  • "By clicking below I am ordering a digital page to be created which will assist with obtaining Facebook "Likes" for my Facebook page entered above. I understand that the effectiveness of this tool is dependent on promotion of that digital page, and that this is my responsibility under this package. In other words, if I don't promote it, no Likes will be forthcoming."


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